Shearwater BAC is able to draw upon extensive individual expertise and resources in the context of property acquisition for either investment or occupational purposes.

Shearwater BAC is able to offer technical due diligence consultancy in respect of larger or more complex acquisitions, the scope of which will be calibrated to specific client requirements. The due diligence exercise may therefore respond to requirements relating to review of construction packages, statutory consents, licences or grant of consent under estate management schemes, boundary agreements and works authorised within the framework of the Party Wall Etc Act 1996.

Matters deduced through the due diligence exercise are corroborated where possible with findings following physical inspection of the built asset in order to enable the provision of comprehensive advice in order to inform the acquisition process and assist legal and other advisors as required.

Full technical due diligence will generally be suited to commercial properties and larger residential developments. In the context of smaller commercial premises, leasehold acquisition of individual floors for occupation and smaller residential properties, advice in the form of a report based solely upon inspection is likely to be sufficient.