Dilapidations Consultancy

Shearwater BAC is able to draw upon broad experience relating to assessment, management and implementation of repairing obligations both during the currency of a lease and upon expiry of a lease term. Experience extends across commercial, industrial, business park and residential sectors together with development of strategies upon behalf of both landlords and tenants to effectively manage their respective claims and liabilities.

Significant individual expertise exists in respect of preparation of claims for litigation and mediation including multi-party cross claims and reinstatement of tenant alterations.

Occupational Matters – Tenant Alterations

Shearwater BAC is able to advise both landlords and tenants in seeking and approving Grants of Licence to Alter and subsequent reinstatement where appropriate upon expiry of a lease term.

All proposed alterations will require careful evaluation. Non-structural alterations may still bring about changes of internal layout and building configuration which are material to fire precautions and means of escape. Alteration may also take the form of major building works including structural alteration, construction of additional storeys and significant alteration of installed mechanical and electrical plant where full reinstatement may not always be appropriate.